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Matsunosuke is an apple pie and sweets shop produced by Akiko Hirano. The desserts made at Matsunosuke are born from the friendship of Akiko Hirano and Cheryl Jean - a cooking specialist whom Akiko met while on a university exchange program to America's east coast.

In America, the sweets we hand-make, which are made with the freshest of ingredients and baked to perfection, are believed to soothe and provide energy as well as bring people together. Try one of these simple and warm cakes. How about giving one of our cakes as a gift or to celebrate something special with your family, a friend or lover.

The name "Matsunosuke" came from the name of owner Akiko's Grandfather who was a master of Noh costume making.


Akiko Hirano`s Profile

Born into a family of traditional Noh costume makers.

Graduated from
Notre Dame School, Kyoto and
Eastern Connecticut State University.

While studying at the University of Connecticut in the New England region of the Northeastern United States, as the pupil of Professor Jean Charol, Hirano learnt traditional sweet-making passed down since the 17th century.

Hirano acquired her Cake Diploma at the same time she graduated from university. Upon her return to Japan she started up shops in Tokyo and Kyoto featuring cake making, a cafe and pantry store.

Akiko Hirano

Work History

June 1998 Opened "Akiko Hirano Baking Salon" in Meguro,Tokyo
September 1998 Opened "Akiko Hirano Baking Salon" in Imadegawa ,Kyoto
January 2000 Instructor at Tokyo Gas' Shinjuku Showrooms.
April 2000 Instructor at Osaka Gas' Kyoto Salon.
October 2000 Opened "Cafe & Pantry MATSUNOSUKE" in Takakura, Kyoto
April 2003 Attended special lessons at Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, N.Y.
May 2003 Appeared on a cooking TV program “Kyono Ryori” of NHK
June 2003 Akiko Hirano Cake featured in Dean & Deluca Marunouchi Branch
September 2003 Hosted collaboration cooking classes with American culinaries.
October 2003 Akiko Hirano Cake featured in Dean & Deluca Shibuya Branch
November 2003 Instructor at Tokyo Gas' Shinjuku Showrooms.
March 2004 Opened "MATSUNOSUKE New York" store in Daikanyama.
March 2004 Akiko Hirano Cake featured in Dean & Deluca Shinagawa Branch
January 2011 Opened “Pancake house Cafe Rhinebeck” in Kyoto.


(All books are in Japanese.)
2000 "American Cakes from a Housewife Who Studied Abroad" Soujyusha Publishing (Sold out)
2001 "Creative Market" Maria Shobo Publishing
2002 "Sweets from Famous Shops Series
- Chocolate Sweets of Top Cafes and Patisseries
" (Collaborator) Shogakukan Publishing
2002 "Cafe and Sweets" (Collaborator) Shibata Shoten Publishing
2002 "21 Apple Pies" Magazine Top Publishing
2008 New York Style Series- Pie, Tarts, Cakes Book” (Collaborator) Syufuto Seikatsusha Publishing
2009 New York Style Series- Cheese Cakes, Coffee Cakes” (Collaborator) Syufuto Seikatsusha Publishing
2012 Apple Pie Bible Hirano Akiko [large book]” (Collaborator) Kawadesyobousinsya
2013 American Pie SPECIAL BOX of Hirano Akiko [large book]” (Collaborator) Kawadesyobousinsya
21 Apple Pies

The recipe book 9-inch standard size of the American pie that did not enter into the hands of the "original large pie plate" with! All color, to quiche from pie basic popular, including unpublished recipes familiar, in Matsunosuke even DEAN & DELUCA in Japan It introduces all 15 recipes. It is a recipe God Hand of American baking, Hirano Akiko prized possession!

21 Apple Pies

The apple pie Matsunosuke popular in Dean & DeLuca. Until Savory salty crust W of large public! Basic, single crust crumble and Suto~uruzuru, pies and type of unnecessary 33 recipes of the gem.!

21 Apple Pies

From stylish dining sand to use the angle bread or baguette, until Suites sand unique Matsunosuke only French toast, and graham crackers and biscuits. Now, popular in New York, I will introduce the gourmet sandwich stylish.

21 Apple Pies

Apple Pie is a medium that brings people together. Eating a freshly baked piping hot apple pie at home not only warms the body but also the heart. "21 Apple Pies" explained in detail!

New York Style Series- Muffins, Scones, Biscuits

“New York Style Series- Muffins, Scones, Biscuits”
(Syufuto Seikatusha Pablishing)

Best Sweets Guide Book of New York introduced

“Best Sweets Guide Book of New York introduced by Akiko hirano, owner of MATSUNOSUKE”
(Syufuto Seikatusha Pablishing)

“New York Style Series-Cheese cakes, Coffee Cakes”

“New York Style Series-Cheese cakes, Coffee Cakes”

New York Style Series-Pies, Tarts, Cakes Book

“New York Style Series-Pies, Tarts, Cakes Book”
(Syufuto Seikatsusha Pablishing)

New York Style Series-Pies, Tarts, Cakes Book


You can have your sandwich on a baguette or thick loaf, or for a unique treat try one of Matsunosuke's sweet sandwiches which use French toast, biscuits or graham crackers instead of bread. These stylish gourmet sandwiches are a hit in New York and we're sure they'll be just as popular in Japan

New York Style Series-Pies, Tarts, Cakes Book

“Apple Pie Bible”

Matsunosuke's apple pies are now in high demand at Dean and Deluca. Amazing 33 recipes including basic double crusts, single crust with streusel or crumble, no-pan apple pie, salty savory apple pie and more.

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