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January - Apple Pie Healing
The Bitter Cold of New England

February - Chocolate Brownies
Valentine’s Day

March - Maple Syrup Cheese Cake
Massachusetts Maple Syrup Factory

April - Boston Cream Pie
Boston and Boston Bags

May - Giant Decoration Cake
The Star of the Graduation Party

June- Bake Sale
Labor, Reward and Fun!

July - Strawberry Shortcake
Independence Day

August - Cranberry Bread
Farmer's Market

September - Muffins
Memories of a College Student

October - Punpkin Pie

November - Indian Pudding

December - Fruit Cake

April: Boston Cream Pie - Boston and Boston Bags

Boston is the capital city of the state of Massachusetts. It is one of America’s largest cities and is located in the centre of the New England region. America is a young country of only 220 years or so and yet, Boston is one of its oldest cities with a history from the British colonial period.

Boston is a very beautiful city with cobblestone roads and brick buildings. Boston’s sister city in Japan is Kyoto city which is probably because they are their countries’ most historic big cities.

My brother who makes traditional Japanese crafts in Kyoto had been to Boston and said to me, “I wonder if the Boston bag is named after this city?” Yes he was talking about those two handled bags commonly used for traveling. Speaking of Boston, there is also something that could be named after Boston city ? the Boston cream pie.

How you make Boston cream pie is pretty simple. First, bake a basic moist cake. This cake is called “Pie” but it does not contain any flaky pie crust, it is just a simple sponge cake. Next, make a custard cream and sandwich the cream between two layers of sponge cake. The next stage is the most important part of making this desert. Melt some good quality chocolate and cover the cake with it. When you are doing this, even one drop of water is not allowed to touch the pot or knife for the melted chocolate. This will prevent the chocolate covering the cake from loosening.

The Boston cream pie neither requires any ingredients from Boston nor symbolizes anything from Boston. This is absolutely my guess but perhaps a long time ago, someone from Boston made this pie and it became popular and pie crust was used for this cake back then. There are things that took their name from something a long time ago but its name and shape had changed over the years of history. Whatever the real name is, it does not really matter anymore. Boston cream pie is quite delicious. I would like you to give it a try if you ever have a chance to taste this pie.

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