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January - Apple Pie Healing
The Bitter Cold of New England

February - Chocolate Brownies
Valentine’s Day

March - Maple Syrup Cheese Cake
Massachusetts Maple Syrup Factory

April - Boston Cream Pie
Boston and Boston Bags

May - Giant Decoration Cake
The Star of the Graduation Party

June- Bake Sale
Labor, Reward and Fun!

July - Strawberry Shortcake
Independence Day

August - Cranberry Bread
Farmer's Market

September - Muffins
Memories of a College Student

October - Punpkin Pie

November - Indian Pudding

December - Fruit Cake

May and June in the States are the season for graduation ceremonies. Taking courses at university was as tough as I’d heard and I had to study really hard. It was almost like a storm of homework, reports, projects and exams all the time. Therefore I felt like graduation was the ultimate freedom for me.

The most eye catching thing at the graduation party is usually a gorgeously decorated sheet cake. Sheet cakes appear not only at graduation parties but also at other occasions like birthday parties. There are various types of bases for the sheet cake but the common one is a 26 to 27 inch rectangular sponge cake. They are usually covered by white cream made of icing or butter frosting. With this white background surface, the cake will look just like a huge message card.

You could ask stores to write your message on the ready-made sheet cake but bringing it home to write your message by yourself is another thing people would usually do. These inexpensive sheet cakes are commonly available in grocery stores. Ingredients, such as various colors of icing or chocolate chips may be sprinkled over the top in order to create your own original sheet cake.

On top of that, you can decorate the cake with messages like "Congratulations" and "I love you" with floral cream decorations. Various kinds of candles are also available in grocery stores. Sometimes people would buy plastic animal figures and such to put them on the cake hoping to please whoever they make the cake for. This kind of cake is not even remotely close to the cakes that are professionally decorated. However they are filled with warm love from the person who created the cakes.

Baking cakes is a great way of conveying your message. You can send your message not only by the words but also with the topping of the sweet cakes. I think cakes per se can already pass the happiness on to people so a sheet cake with heart-warming message is even a better way to give your message for someone special.

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