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Backnumbers American Cake form a Housewife who studied abroad

Essays from Akiko Hirano who studied in the U.S. at age 45.

Reproduced and translated with additions from the 2000 Sojusha Publishers' publication (sold out).

COVER: American Cake form a Housewife who studied abroad
housewife's dream

The dream of exchange to the U.S.

Invitation to Illinois

The illusory exchange

An 8 million yen investment in me!

The struggle with English begins

Inside a multi-cultural class

Japanese food in
an underground kitchen

My composition appears in a text book

If only I had read more books
when I was younger

The death of
a Chinese exchange student

American style stress relief

Finally, a real university student

Independent students in the states

Driving debut

Amazing silver power

Visiting New York City

Crossing North American Continent by car

Crossing North American Continent by car

Ever since I got my car, driving around was not a problem for me so I went to many places by car. I even ended up driving across the North American continent. One of my young Japanese friends who had been studying with me asked me to do so.

He also had his own car and he was planning to transfer to another school in San Francisco. Therefore he was originally planning to go on the road trip to San Francisco with his German friend during the summer vacation but the friend got busy and canceled the trip. My friend didn’t have any other plans for the summer so he came to ask me, since apparently I looked like a person who would say yes to his plan. Yes, I was just a pinch hitter to him.

He desperately wanted to take the trip by car because flying was too costly for him and getting around was much easier by car. Also he was not quite confident in going by himself.

He stirred my curiosity by telling me wisely that if I miss this chance, I would never be able to have this kind of experience again. In the beginning I hesitated to go but my curiosity outcome my hesitation in the end. Of course I knew he would expect me to drive here and there but I thought visiting different parts of United States by going on a road trip would not be such a bad idea and we took off for the trip.

I told my daughter about this trip but not to my mother since I didn’t know what she would say and she would worry too much about me.

After leaving Connecticut, instead of going straight to our destination we dropped by different places we wanted to go first and finally got to the destination in ten days. First we started off by going to New York City and dropped by YaoHan in New Jersey. After that, we went to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Minneapolis, Utah, Colorado and then reached our destination San Francisco. I was alone on the way back. It took me three nights and four days on the Amtrak train to come back.

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