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New location now open

New location now open
The much talked-about New York-Style Pancakes from Kyoto are now available in Tokyo.
Our pancakes from ‘Cafe Rhinebeck’ in Kyoto are now available at ‘MATSUNOSUKE N.Y.’ in Daikanyama Tokyo. 
Open 18th September, 2010

Our first pancake house was opened in January, 2010 at Nishijin Kyoto as a sister store to ‘Cafe & Pantry Matsunosuke’ in Kyoto. (Ms. Akiko Hirano is the owner and patissier) In response to many requests, we are pleased to announce that our second pancake house is now open in Tokyo.

The place where you can taste our pancakes in Tokyo is at ‘MATSUNOSUKE N.Y.’ in Daikanyama. This store is very well-known as a store where you can experience simple but subtle American homemade-style pies and cheesecakes. Now you can enjoy our special New York-style pancakes in addition to the pies and cheesecakes.
Our pancakes are so fluffy and smooth textured that you will feel like the pancakes will melt in your mouth. You must experience these special pancakes which might change your view of pancakes.
With the new introduction of our pancake menu, we have changed the interior design of ‘MATSUNOSUKE N.Y.’ as well. Please enjoy our relaxing atmosphere with views of beautiful trees from the windows.

■About our Pancakes

The pancakes we prepare at ‘MATSUNOSUKE N.Y.’ are come in three varieties and these pancakes are inherited from the precious recipe of Ms. Cheryl Jean, who is a cuisine professional as well as the mentor of our owner, Ms. Akiko Hirano. We took over this special pancake recipe which Ms. Jean used to use at her own Bed and Breakfast. Our pancakes, known as the best pancakes in Kyoto, are created based on a long term friendship between Hirano and Ms. Jean. We take each order and start baking the pancakes one by one. Please enjoy MATSUNOSUKE N.Y.’s pancakes which are simple yet different from anything you could ever make at home.

An image. Approximately three kinds of pancakes
An image. Approximately three kinds of pancakes


  • Sour cream and black currant pancake
  • Caramel banana pancake
  • Ricotta cheese pancake

※We also plan to serve monthly pancake specials as well


MATSUNOSUKE N.Y. is a branch store of Cafe & Pantry Matsunosuke in Kyoto which introduced American-style apple pies and sweets in Japan. Ms. Akiko Hirano who runs this cafe is a dedicated patissier who is into many different activities such as organizing baking lessons and publishing many recipe books. The sweets served at her cafes are created based on the friendship with her friend, Ms. Sheryl Jean whom Hirano met while she was studying at a university in the east coast of the United States.
It is said that people in the states believe baked goods provide a zest for living, source of energy, relaxation and have power to connect people.
Ms. Jean loves her baked goods from her home-town in New England and continues to deliver them to the world. Just like she loves her home-town sweets, Hirano also named her cafe after her beloved grandfather “Matsunosuke” who was a master Noh costume maker.


Daikanyama Tokyo ‘MATSUNOSUKE N.Y’
Address: D-11 Hillside terrace 29-9 Enrakucho, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5728-3868  Store hours: 10:00〜20:00 (Pancake house is open till 17:00)
Direction: 5 min walk from Tokyutoyokoline, Daikanyama station
Kyoto ‘Cafe & Pantry MATSUNOSUKE’ Kyoto main shop
Address: 605 Kikkouyacho, Takakuradoorioikesagaru, Nakagyoku, Kyotocity, Kyoto
TEL:075-253-1058  Store hours: 10:00〜20:00 (Pancake house is open till 17:00)
Direction: 3 min walk from Subway Karasumaoike station
Kyoto ‘Cafe & Pantry MATSUNOSUKE’ Kyoto main shop
Pancake house ‘Cafe Rhinebecke’ Gallery Kagiyadoh
Address: 692 Ishiyakushicho, Oomiyadoori, Nakadachiuriagaru, Kamigyouku, Kyotocity, Kyoto
TEL&FAX: 075-451-1208
Store hours: 8:00〜17:30
Close: Mondays and Tuesdays (except holidays)
Direction: Take #9 city bus from Kyoto station and get off at Ichijomodoribashi station OR take #50, get off at Oomiyanakadachiuri station and walk for 5 min. ( Right behind Seimei shrine)
Pancake house ‘Cafe Rhinebecke’ Gallery Kagiyadoh

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